What We Do

making buildings energy efficient
  • With experience in the field of construction, we undertake the study and all the work for the energy upgrading of any building.
Energy Certificates
  • Issuing  Energy Efficiency Certificates required for all single-use buildings or parts of buildings with a total surface area of more than 50 square meters.
Home Energy Savings
  • Reducing the energy needs of buildings, incentives for energy saving interventions in the residential sector. Benefit up to 70% of the cost of the work.
Permits – Studies
  • Our technical office undertakes the issuance of building permits, the supervision and construction of any private building project.
Fire Safety Certificates

We undertake the Fire Safety Study and its processing at the Fire Service, for all kind of business premises and activities.

Engineer Statements

A statement of an engineer is now compulsory from 21/09/2011 for any legal transaction in accordance with article 23 par. 4 of Law 4014/2011.

Livestock Facility Licenses

We prepare livestock facility studies and undertake the processing of all required files in the appropriate departments.

Real Estate

We undertake to find a buyer for your property as well as the best solution for anyone who wants to invest in real estate.

Regularization of Illegal Constructions

Our technical office undertakes the entire procedure for the regulation of illegal buildings or constructions according to the law 4495/17.


We undertake the upgrading of existing buildings, interior design, and exterior reconstruction.

Repairs & Anti-seismic Strengthening

Repair and anti-seismic strengthening of existing buildings, combining expertise in both design and construction.

Business Operations Licenses

Our technical office undertakes the full license to set up, and operate businesses of any activity.

Property and Real Estate in Greece

Our company collaborates with an experienced lawyer and notary, accountant who together form a strong team
of professionals that guarantee the successful handing of all those issues that exist in a real estate transaction.

Our services include:

• Preliminary tasks such as issuance of Greek Tax Identification Number for foreigners and drafting of power of
attorney to represent them in all process.

• In collaboration with a Lawyer legal research in Land Registries, City Planning Authorities and National Cadaster
to verify the status of the property at issue (tittle deeds, legal burdens etc)

• Negotiations with sellers/buyers to finalize the terms of the transaction

• Property transaction (coordination with banks, opening bank accounts, advise on financial matters)

• Representation in the signature procedure before the notary, where applicable.

• Representation in court proceedings in case of real estate-related litigation and dispute resolution.

• Real estate and property management services, including indicatively to identify the for-sale properties that better fit
the clients’ criteria (i.e. type of property, budget available, location that would be acceptable), to negotiate with potential sellers, as well as to perform property manager’s tasks, such as finding tenants, representing the client in lease
contracts, collecting rents from tenants, terminate lease contracts etc.

• Advising on any tax related matters.

•  Residence Permit on Acquisition of Property over the value of 250.000 euro including Golden Visa Greece Programs
where applicable.

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